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Millions of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries are denied the full value of a high-quality Medicare Advantage plan. In 2016, over 2 million American seniors were denied additional benefits like vision, dental, wellness and hearing due to a restriction called the Benchmark Cap. If Washington allows the Cap to stay in place, more Medicare Advantage enrollees will be negatively impacted, facing higher costs and fewer benefits. Tell Washington to act now to Lift the Cap and give American seniors the benefits they deserve.

MEDICARE ADVANTAGE | just the facts

Due to the benchmark cap:

In Medicare Advantage, plans that earn a high Star Quality rating receive bonus payments they must use to provide additional benefits not covered under Traditional Medicare for beneficiaries. The benchmark cap enacted in 2010 denies 4-Star or higher Medicare Advantage plans in certain counties from receiving payments to provide additional benefits to their enrollees. Additional benefits like dental, vision and hearing care as well as telemedicine, disease management programs not included in Medicare’s core benefits have been proven to improve health outcomes for millions of Medicare Advantage beneficiaries.

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