Our senior advocates from across the country depend on Medicare Advantage to continue living healthy, active lives. With 33 million seniors beneficiaries, or 51 percent of the Medicare population, it is critical that lawmakers protect this affordable and high-quality care. Check out the many ways to make your voice heard and join the conversation!

Why Do You Choose Medicare Advantage?

Beneficiaries are speaking out about why they value their Medicare Advantage coverage and benefits, and we’re helping amplify their voices. Click a face to read their story, then submit your own!

The Voices of Medicare Advantage

Tell Congress: Protect 33 Million Seniors on Medicare Advantage!

Your voice is essential to the mission of Better Medicare Alliance to ensure that Medicare Advantage is available to ALL seniors and people with disabilities across the United States.

With support from Congress, Medicare Advantage can continue to provide high-quality, affordable care to more than 33 million seniors.

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#MedicareAdvantage provides me, and 33 million seniors, with affordable & high-quality care that I can count on. That’s why I’m urging Congress to protect MA:

With #MedicareAdvantage, I have access to high-quality care without compromising affordability. It’s important to me, and 33 million seniors, to continue having access to this important care.