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Michael R
Indiana, Jeffersonville

I am a senior who is enrolled in a Humana PPO Medicare Advantage Part D Plan. Overall, the level of care I have received through Medicare Advantage has been exemplary.
However, I am deeply concerned about the negative impact of the Benchmark Cap. Seniors like myself and my wife Vikki may not receive adequate benefits due to this limitation.

It is unacceptable that seniors in Clark County, Indiana do not have access to the benefits we deserve under Medicare Advantage. I worry that policies like the Benchmark Cap could continue to serve as an obstacle to the quality of care that all seniors should receive.

Medicare Advantage simplified my life. No claims forms or excessive paperwork is wonderful. A variety of plans including HMOs and PPOs, some with and without drug benefits provide real choice for me. I pray that Congress preserves and enhances Medicare Advantage, and removes the Benchmark Cap.