Our senior advocates from across the country depend on Medicare Advantage to continue living healthy, active lives. Click on the pictures below to read how other seniors are benefiting from the quality care they receive by choosing Medicare THEIR way through Medicare Advantage.

Mary Lou C
Pennsylvania, North Warren

As a senior with multiple chronic conditions, my Medicare Advantage plan gets me access to quality healthcare that works for me. I’m 67 and work part-time because my health care needs are met through Medicare Advantage. I have sleep apnea, and when I retired I was concerned that I wouldn’t get the supplies that I need when I switched to Medicare.

Since enrolling in Medicare Advantage, I get the supplies every three months. I also get to see my specialist for my high blood pressure and the visits and medication are covered with zero to minimal co-pays. Another benefit is getting to participate in Silver Sneakers through my Medicare Advantage Plan.

Silver Sneakers is a minimal impact exercise group where I also have access to gym equipment. I find that exercise is an important part of controlling my high blood pressure and managing my osteoarthritis pain, so it is a great benefit for me!