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Maria D.
Texas, Brookshire

I am a diabetic type 2 and have other complications for that reason. My insurance pays for all my medecines with no co-pay except for Insulin and supplies like needles for pen & testing supplies. It pays for all my labs, x-rays, and any type of test like mammograms, EKG, etc. For hospital outpatient, I only paid co-pay of $150. I do not have a co-pay for my doctor only for specialist doctors which is $35. For a 3 month supply for my insulin, my insurance pays $1,256.00 and I pay $62.51. For my glasses, I have a co-pay of $150. I also have dental and it covers cleanings every 3 month & extractions. I also have a free wellness programs for the gym and diabetic classes. My Medicare Advantage plan also provides trips to the doctor if I need a ride. All my yearly tests to keep me healthy are free. I am very satisfied with my insurance. I have had this insurance for close to 4 years.