Our senior advocates from across the country depend on Medicare Advantage to continue living healthy, active lives. Click on the pictures below to read how other seniors are benefiting from the quality care they receive by choosing Medicare THEIR way through Medicare Advantage.

Harry G
Tennessee, Kingsport

Medicare Advantage allows me to afford quality healthcare and stay healthy. It has no deductible and a maximum out of pocket cap. My wife turns 65 in May and has already signed up for a different insurer’s Medicare Advantage Policy. We have a choice of different plans. I can afford my medications and required doctors’ visits. In addition I get one affordable routine vision examination each year. Traditional Medicare with the deductible 20% copayments separate Part D premium and no maximum out of pocket would doom me to not having ANY healthcare. I simply couldn’t afford it. Medicare Advantage is necessary for my survival. It is far closer to the health insurance I had while I was working than original Medicare. Medicare Advantage plans work with me and my PCP to keep me healthy unlike traditional Medicare.