Our senior advocates from across the country depend on Medicare Advantage to continue living healthy, active lives. Click on the pictures below to read how other seniors are benefiting from the quality care they receive by choosing Medicare THEIR way through Medicare Advantage.

Deanna S.
Georgia, Canton

I have type 2 diabetes. My medications are affordable. I am able to see my doctors regularly. As a result my A1C is 6.2. I have problems with my toe nails, so I am allowed to have my toe nails clipped every 9 weeks, and I get a pair of orthopedic shoes once a year I have problems with the structure of my feet. I get diabetic eye care. I have severe allergies, and carry on EpiPen. I don’t have to pay as much for it as many people as have to pay for one. Overall, my Medicare Advantage has allowed me to get the medical help I need to be as healthy as possible. I only draw around $1,000.00 a month between my Social Security and Teacher Retirement. My husband had gone back to work, because we don’t make enough money from our SS and my TRS pay. My husband has blood clots due to a genetic disorder. He has extra costs medically due to this disorder. He has been able to keep his blood levels in the normal range due to his warfarin and trips to the doctors to keep his blood levels under control. We live modestly, but we are able to pay our bills and get by because of our Medicare Advantage. I appreciate having this wonderful insurance and I hope to be able to keep it in the future.