Our senior advocates from across the country depend on Medicare Advantage to continue living healthy, active lives. Click on the pictures below to read how other seniors are benefiting from the quality care they receive by choosing Medicare THEIR way through Medicare Advantage.

Betty A
Florida-4, Orlando

I live on Social Security and absolutely cannot afford a decent supplemental policy to cover Medicare deductibles and coins. When I retired I went with AARP Medicare Complete Regional PPO and I am more than pleased with the quality care I receive. I use their mail away pharmacy and receive a 90 day supply for my meds most of them at no charge. The copay for my PCP is $15 and $40 for specialist. I get a physical once a year with no copay mammogram with no copay.. This is a great plan that saves you money by not having to pay a monthly premium for a supplemental policy. My PCP comes highly recommended with a high level of trust and care for his patients. The quality of care and savings from having a Medicare Advantage Plan is a God send for seniors like myself who have a limited income.