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Rebecca A.

Greenfield, WI

Thanks to Medicare Advantage I have low co-pays, cost sharing, and deductibles and recieve prescription drugs for either low cost or no cost.

Marilyn K.

Eau Claire, WI

I have noticed that the portions of a hospital stay that are my responsibility are less with Advantage Care. When I needed health equipment, such as walkers, toilet seat extensions, or canes, it is either furnished or made cheaper for me. This makes a BIG difference for me. The cost of living index keeps increasing, but whatever percentage increase we get on our retirement amounts (if we get one), it never nearly covers that cost of living increase.

Judy C.

Holmen, WI

It is affordable! I’m retired and healthy but living with a very limited annual budget. The savings account associated with my plan helps with my medical expenses. It is a perfect for me!