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All Tennessee Stories

Nancy H.

Lexington, TN

My prescriptions are made affordable with Medicare Advantage.

Ray H.

Franklin, TN

Medicare Advantage saves me money and covers the services I need.

Samuel B.

Nashville, TN

After surviving a coma in 2018 and the plethora of things that went screwy in my body afterwards, I relied on my Advantage plan (The hospital bill alone would have ruined me without it!). All of the doctors I have seen over the last 19 months have continued to help me get healthier ever since I woke back up in late Jan 2018: pulmonologist, orthopedic surgeons, PTs, podiatrist, imaging specialists, psychiatrist, you name it. Every one of them have helped keep me alive, and I would never have been able to afford them without my Medicare Advantage plan!! I’d be a goner by now without that financial help!