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Shirleen V.

Ulysses, PA

Medicare Advantage is important because it gives us a choice in coverage as individuals. My advantage plan is associated with my nearest healthcare facility. With my Advantage plan my prescriptions are very low cost, sometimes no cost at all.

Susan G.

Douglassville, PA

I LOVE my Medicare Advantage plan! At first, when I signed up, I joined a plan with zero monthly premium. That really helped me since I had lost my job and money was tight. Over the years I switched to another plan that has a very reasonably priced premium, has great coverage, and NO deductibles. I even have vision, hearing, and dental coverage, which regular Medicare does not cover. I had my hip replaced last year and it didn’t cost me a dime! Between the comprehensive hospital care coverage and financial assistance through the hospital, I was blessed with a brand new hip and no bill! I’ve been recommending this Medicare Advantage plan to friends because I’ve had such a good experience with it. Oh, and the Member Services Representatives are the nicest people in the world!

Nancy S.

Hatboro, PA

Medicare Advantage allows me to be able to afford my prescriptions, and groceries, and also allows me to see my doctors when needed rather than putting things off. It is essential to my well being in view of all my medical issues.