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Markay H.

Portland, OR

I’ve had health issues in the past and with my added coverage, I’ve been very fortunate to not have very much out of pocket since I’m on a fixed income. If the supplemental cost goes up, I will be in trouble.

Wanda G.

Canby, OR

I had breast cancer that required a mastectomy. After I had 18 months of chemo, it costed over $1.5 million. With my Medicare Advantage plan, I only had to pay a total of $16,000 out of pocket. Without it, we would have lost everything.

John D.

Woodburn, OR

After 4 operations in the last two years, I would be bankrupt if not for Medicare Advantage and Legacy Hospitals accepting my part of the hospital’s charges.

Dennis P.

Depoe Bay, OR

Without Medicare Advantage I would have to chose between food and medication.