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Sharyn C.

Oklahoma City, OK

Two years ago I suffered flash pulmonary edema due to an allergic reaction to a drug I was given in the hospital which caused heart failure and death. After I was brought back to life I spent almost 3 weeks in intensive care. I was worried about the cost of all of this and thought it would have been better if they had let me die. The cost was thousands of dollars but because I had a Medicare Advantage plan, I owed nothing. Recently, I had back surgery and owed nothing. I live pay check to paycheck. I would not survive without it.

Bonnie D.

Oklahoma City, OK

I am still working and was out of work for two months due to a hip replacement surgery. I have no other source of income so not being able to work for two months was a big hardship. Thank goodness for Medicare Advantage: no monthly premium and they covered most of my medical expenses. Thanks to my coverage I was not put out on the street for being unable to pay my rent.

Cheryl V.

Oklahoma City, OK

Under Medicare Advantage there’s more left over after insurance. I’m finally being able to go to a doctor without paying exorbitant prices and get blood tests or x-rays that we wouldn’t be able to otherwise.