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David S.

Champaign, IL

With Medicare Advantage we get dental benefits beyond what the original Medicare covers, Vision benefits beyond what original Medicare covers (including a routine vision exam), one routine hearing exam, and lowered rates on up to two TruHearing Flyte hearing aids per year.

Lynn A.

Lake In The Hills, IL

I love this plan. It lowers the meds I take for my health problems, it covers my diabetes blood testing and my testing for being on warfare.

Marian V.

Freeport, IL

I have a number of pre-existing conditions and am eligible for coverage at the standard rate. It has been the most economical option for my medical coverage. The dental coverage saves me considerable money each year as well. Silver Sneakers has a program practically in my backyard and is another benefit included in my coverage. I also like that I know exactly how much I can expect to pay if I should have a major medical event in a given year. In the past six years I have had two extreme events and the coverage was well within my means. At this point if I were forced to go to original Medicare, the cost for a supplement and drug plan would far exceed what I am currently paying for my Advantage plan. This is an affordable option for many seniors.