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Dean H.

Payette, ID

My wife and I recieve Social Security. We moved our son in with us who has PTSD after working for the DOD in Cyber Security under a private contractor. We have been trying to obtain his Social Security Disability for three years now. He has been before a Social Security Judge that said in court he was unemployable but was still denied his disability. It is really hard on us to provide medical for ourselves and provide full support for our 56 year old son, but we are not about to turn him out on the streets. My wife and I recieve our Medicare through a Medicare advantage. It provides us with our needs in medical, eye care and prescriptions at an affordable price.

Sharon M.

Bancroft, ID

It pays good share of doctor, hospital, and drug bills.

Joey P.

Nampa, ID

I am disabled and living from check to check. Medicare Advantage is what keeps me alive!