Medicare Academy Week is an opportunity for seniors to expand their knowledge of Medicare Advantage and become empowered to take charge of their health care. Check out the resources below to learn more about MA.

Understanding Medicare Advantage: Fact Sheet

  • Learn more about the different options for receiving your Medicare benefits.

The Future of Medicare Advantage

  • Learn about the innovative use of value-based care that Medicare Advantage provides.

The Value of Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans 

  • Learn more about how to integrate prescription drug coverage with other Medicare benefits.

Medicare Advantage and Consumer Protections: Fact Sheet

  • Learn more about additional consumer protections that Medicare Advantage provides.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Guide

  • Learn about open enrollment for Medicare Advantage and the different plan options that may be available for you.

Medicare Advantage Open Enrollment Blog

  • Learn more about your options for enrolling in a Medicare Advantage plan that works for you.

Medicare Advantage Advocacy Toolkit

  • Learn about ways to make your voice heard for Medicare Advantage.