Better Medicare Alliance has created a set of advocacy tools to help you spread the word about the Health Insurance Tax (HIT). Get started with our featured actions below, and share this page with your family and friends!

What is the Health Insurance Tax?


The Health Insurance Tax (HIT) is a multi-billion-dollar tax scheduled to go into effect next year unless delayed by Congress. Over 20 percent of the $20 billion tax is expected to be absorbed by nearly 22 million seniors and individuals with disabilities on Medicare Advantage. If Congress fails to act, premiums could increase by more than $500 the typical Medicare Advantage couple. With over half living on less than $30,000 annually, this HIT would be too much for most people enrolled in Medicare Advantage to absorb.

Hear from our advocates on why it’s important to stop the Health Insurance Tax!

Hannah R., The Courtland Voice                    Carol, F., Inside Nova

Richard J., The Citizen                                    Richard J., Rockford Squire

Richard F., The Newnan Times-Herald          Thomas, J., The Advocate

Toby K., Bucks County Courier Times           Teresa, B.,  Miami Herald

Richard J., Cedar Springs Post                      Glenn S., The Cap Times

Carol F., Herndon Connection

BMA Ambassador, Carol Frysinger: Stop the HIT On Seniors

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How can I make a difference to stop the HIT?

STEP 1: Write a Letter to Congress About HIT!

To date, nearly 6,000 Better Medicare Alliance advocates have written to Congress about the importance of suspending the HIT for 2020 and protecting seniors from rising health care premiums. To join them and write your own letter to Congress, click here.

STEP 2: Start a Letter to the Editor About HIT!

Better Medicare Alliance is working to place letters to the editor in local newspapers about the impact of the Health Insurance Tax. Writing a letter to the editor will help inform and mobilize members of your community about the Health Insurance Tax, while raising the profile of the issue for your members of Congress in Washington. To send your letter to the editor, click here or use the form below.

STEP 3: Make Your Voice Heard on Social Media!

Better Medicare Alliance has created a series of social media shareables to help our advocates communicate about the HIT with their networks. Download the shareables below and post them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or wherever you spend your time online.

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Five Common Questions About the Health Insurance Tax

  1. What is the Health Insurance Tax?
  2. Why Should Seniors Speak Up about the Health Insurance Tax?
  3. Isn’t This for the Affordable Care Act?
  4. Why Should Congress Support Bills to Stop the HIT?
  5. What Can I do to Stop the HIT?

What would the HIT Mean for Seniors?

Without the HIT, seniors could buy…

How Would the HIT Affect BMA Advocates?

Listen to BMA Advocates Speak Up About the HIT

Spread the Word about the HIT Week of Action

Want to learn more? Check out Better Medicare Alliance Advocacy Manager Daniella Chamber’s #WebchatWednesday video series on HIT:

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