Sharon M

Medicare Advantage covers my multiple chronic conditions in the most affordable manner for me. The 20 percent co-pay with traditional Medicare would have bankrupted me in less than a year. My husband and I live on a fixed income and barely have enough to meet basic living expenses, but neither of us qualify for any type of special assistance for medical and pharmaceutical needs. That said, I have a number of chronic medical conditions that require frequent doctors’ visits, including a plethora of specialists. I need frequent, sometimes monthly, radiological and laboratory tests, take 26 different medicines (some very, very expensive) and I require several kinds of therapy on a rotating basis. There is no possible way we could afford the co-pays for my doctor office visits and therapy, let alone pay full price for my medications.  Were it not for Medicare Advantage I would either be living under a bridge or dead. If Congress eliminates Medicare Advantage I’m not sure what I would do because I would not pass underwriting for a Medicare Supplemental policy because I have pre-existing conditions. I am very satisfied with my Medicare Advantage plan.